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Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
3 Months Ended
Jun. 26, 2021
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events [Text Block]
15. Subsequent Events:

On July 14, 2021, subsequent to quarter end, the Company’s parent, HMan Group Holdings, Inc., and Landcadia Holdings III, Inc. (“Landcadia” and after the Business Combination described herein, “New Hillman”), a special purpose acquisition company ("SPAC") consummated the previously announced business combination (the “Closing”) pursuant to the terms of the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of January 24, 2021 (as amended on March 12, 2021, and as it may be further amended or supplemented from time to time, the “Merger Agreement”). In accordance with the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the Merger Agreement, Landcadia paid aggregate consideration in the form of New Hillman common stock calculated as described herein and equal to a value of approximately (i) $911,300,000 plus (ii) $28,280,000, such amount being the value of 2,828,000 shares of Class B common stock of Landcadia, valued at $10.00 per share, that TJF, LLC (“TJF
Sponsor”) and Jefferies Financial Group Inc., (“JFG Sponsor” and, together with TJF Sponsor, the “Sponsors”) agreed to forfeit at the Closing.

In connection with the Closing, the Company entered into a new credit agreement with Jefferies Finance LLC, as administrative agent, and the lenders and other parties thereto (the “Term Credit Agreement”), which provided for a new funded term loan facility of $835.0 million and a delayed draw term loan facility of $200.0 million (of which $16.0 million was drawn). The Company also also entered into an amendment to their existing asset-based revolving credit agreement (the “ABL Amendment”) with Barclays Bank PLC, as administrative agent, and the lenders and other parties thereto (the “ABL Credit Agreement”), increasing the aggregate commitments thereunder to $250.0 million, extended the maturity and conformed certain provisions to the Term Credit Agreement. The proceeds of the funded term loans under the Term Credit Agreement and revolving credit loans under the ABL Credit Agreement were used, together with other available cash, to (1) refinance in full all outstanding term loans and to terminate all outstanding commitments under the credit agreement, dated as of May 31, 2018, (2) refinance outstanding revolving credit loans, and (3) redeem in full senior notes due July 15, 2022 (the “6.375% Senior Notes”).

In anticipation of the Business Combination and the refinancings described above, on July 13, 2021, the Company delivered a notice to redeem in full 11.6% Junior Subordinated Debentures due September 30, 2027 (the “Junior Subordinated Debentures”) issued under the Indenture, dated as of September 5, 1997 (as amended and supplemented, the “Debentures Indenture”), between The Hillman Companies and The Bank of New York Mellon, a New York banking corporation, as Trustee (the “Trustee”) and deposited an amount with the Trustee sufficient to satisfy and discharge the Debentures Indenture, which is no longer in effect. Notices to redeem 4,217,837 trust preferred securities (the “Trust Preferred Securities”) issued in a public offering by the Hillman Group Capital Trust ("Trust") and 130,449 of trust common securities (the “Trust Common Securities”) issued by the Trust to Hillman Companies were also delivered on July 13, 2021. Upon the payment of the redemption price for the Debentures on August 12, 2021, the Trust will redeem the Trust Preferred Securities and the Trust Common Securities, which as of August 12, 2021 will no longer be deemed to be outstanding. The last day of trading for the Trust Preferred Securities on the New York Stock Exchange (the “NYSE”) will be August 11, 2021 and the Company is voluntarily delisting the Trust Preferred Securities from the NYSE.