The Hillman Group, Inc. Joins Movement to Rebuild the Skilled Trade Workforce

Lowe’s Launches Generation T to Convene Job Seekers and Companies to Close the Skilled Trades Gap

CINCINNATI, April 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Hillman Group, Inc. (“Hillman”), announced today they are joining Generation T (“Gen T”), a national movement launched by Lowe’s Home Improvement to address the widening skilled trades gap. Together, Gen T seeks to drive enrollment in skilled trade training and build a pipeline of skilled trade workers to offset the anticipated gap of 3 million jobs by 2028.

One key component of the movement is a first-of-its-kind national skilled jobs marketplace, available on the Gen T website that connects people to prospective apprentices. “In speaking with our customers and in particular contractors at the recent International Builders Show, we understand and recognize the urgent need to educate and train the next generation of skilled tradesmen & tradeswomen,” says Chip Church, Vice President of National Accounts and eCommerce. “The Generation T movement will help ensure this next generation of trade professionals are matched with the right opportunities.”

Hillman joins more than 60 Gen T organizations across the country who are facilitating the education and training needed to populate the skilled trades industry, close the job skills gap and shape a new perception of the skilled trades.

“The success of Generation T begins with collaboration among our many partners who are using their voices to bring the professional trades back: back to education, back to the American economy and back to a place of admiration and respect in our society,” said Jennifer Weber, executive vice president of human resources at Lowe’s. “We believe the professional trades are an essential part of America’s future, and we’re committed to opening the path to those who relish the challenge of creating something out of raw materials and take pride and satisfaction in mastering the skills required to do it.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Lowe’s and other industry professionals in support of Generation T,” adds Church. “We believe this initiative is vital to the future of our business, our industry and represents a unique opportunity to partner to develop the next generation of skilled trade professions. It’s exciting to know this group will find unlimited growth opportunities, while helping maintain an industry that is important to the health of the overall economy.” We look forward to supporting local and national vocational programs at industry events with products, training and public awareness.”

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About Generation T
Generation T is a movement of organizations, launched by Lowe’s, committed to rebuilding and changing public perceptions of the skilled trades in America. Generation T seeks to drive enrollment in skilled trades education and build a pipeline of skilled trade workers to offset the anticipated gap of 3 million jobs by 2028 through a first-of-its-kind national marketplace for connecting people to prospective apprentices and jobs. For more information on Generation T, visit

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